Midgard Heroes Handbook [Part 1 – First Impressions and Races]

Hello, everyone! Like I hinted before, I’m going to be changing my review process for larger books to make it a bit less daunting for me to write these reviews. For the next couple weeks(or at least until it’s done), I’ll be reviewing Kobold Press’s Midgard Heroes Handbook.

Mechanics for Map Design

Hello, everyone! It’s time again for a Combat Cartography article! This month, I’m going to talk about the rules elements you can quickly incorporate into making exciting and dynamic combat maps.

Primordial Power Fully Funded! What’s Next?

Hello, everyone! It appears that we’ve hit our funding goal! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm for this project – we’re humbled by your generosity and support, and excited to be ready to delve into our stretch goals by only Day 4. That isn’t to say that we’re done working, though. There’s still plenty to…

Funeral Stalkers

Hello, everyone! Although Primordial Power’s Kickstarter is now in full swing, you can still expect the regular complement of weekly articles to continue as normal. Today’s article is a monster from last month’s Storyteller playtest, the Soot Ghoul, a beefed-up undead which began to appear in cities as their environments became more suitable for these…