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June Update Schedule

June 4th Patron Release: Fighter Archetype – The Destined Some are stirred to lives of adventure by necessity, and the Destined walks this path. Either foreseeing a grim future or even seeking refuge from it, the Destined uses their knowledge of the future with the hope of changing it. June 11th Patron Release: Cleric Domain…

Monstrous Foes – The Ikharri

Hello, everyone! Today’s article revisits the Ikharri, a race first featured in Primordial Power, with additional monster stats to challenge your players on underwater adventures.

Roguish Archetype – The Chronoklept

Hello, everyone, and happy Friday! This week’s class archetype continues the theme of time-traveling adventurers which began last month with the Fate Domain cleric. If the Fate Domain were Doctor Who, though, the Chronoklept is certainly Bill & Ted – this time-traveling rogue focuses on creating causeless effects to your benefit, then having to make…

May Update Schedule

May Update Schedule May 14th Patron Release: Roguish Archetype – The Chronoklept As we all know, time is precious. We’re all trying to save time, spend time, make time. Clearly, “time” is a currency. Rogues who follow the Chronoklept archetype are unique individuals who have developed psionic talents and reached this conclusion, enabling them to…

Artifacts & Equipment – Death Shroud of the First Paladin

Hello, everyone! Today’s article is a dossier for a new artifact, the Death Shroud of the First Paladin. The specifics behind the First Paladin and their adventures are left deliberately vague, doubling as both an opportunity for you to build your world as a GM and to emphasize that the true importance wasn’t the person…

The Witch Class (T1 Playtest Draft)

Hello, everyone! This week’s article is a playtest draft for a new class, the Witch! Since this is a larger-scale project like the Tamer (formerly the Hunter) in 2020,  I’m hoping to tackle the full class in more digestible slices in order to develop and improve it into a great addition to your 5e library….